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Best Places To Visit in America For Your Perfect Trip Abroad!

America has always been a top destination for an international trip abroad, and with Nigeria’s steady economic growth and curious interest in this massive country, more and more people are choosing to visit the USA. With 50 states and more than 300 cities, Travelstart has narrowed down the list of top places to visit in America so that you can plan your trip and catch all of the best tourist attractions in this beautiful country. Make sure to book your cheap flights to USA on Travelstart for best flight deals!

Best cities in the USA

You could spend months, and possibly even years, road tripping through America to see all of the cities that the country has to offer. Based on the sheer number of visitors and positive reviews, here are the best cities in America:

  1. New York City

This iconic city has had poems, songs and so much more written about it and it’s no doubt that New York is a favourite of travellers to America. New York City has lots to see and do and whether you go for a view of the majestic skyscrapers, to taste some of the best pizza in the country, to see a show on Broadway or even take a picture with the Statue of Liberty, it’s easy to see why New York has been voted the best city in the USA.

visit-USA - New-York

New York City, New York

  1. Chicago

Lovers of a good grub, baseball, culture and everything in between have named Chicago the second-best city to visit in the USA. This city’s food and craft beer scene has few rivals and you’ll soon find yourself digging into Chicago-style hot dogs and deep-dish pizza as you make your way across the city. Of course, make sure to catch a Cubs game at the iconic Wrigley Field while you’re in the area.

  1. Miami

This quintessential American beach destination is everything that can be imagined when the word, ‘’Miami”, pops into your mind! There are numerous, gorgeous seaside locations in the city and this is the place to spot good looks, bikinis and custom-made cocktails, as well as enjoy balmy temperatures to compliment this summer-style lifestyle all year long. The city is most famous for its beaches, and while you’re in the areas, check out popular tourist attractions such as the Everglades swamp area, the Miami Zoo and breathtaking Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.


Miami, Florida

  1. Los Angeles

More commonly referred to as simply LA, this city of the rich and famous is where dreams are said to come true and where the stars are made! Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, and if movies and top TV programmes are your thing at all, best you make sure to take a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood. Pack in a swimsuit too and head down to one of the many beaches such as the famous Malibu and Santa Monica.

  1. Houston

If you’re visiting the largest state in the USA, i.e. Texas, then you should definitely plan in some time to get to the heart of this proudly American state and visit Houston. Houston is known for a number of great things, including all-you-can-eat Texan buffets, world-renowned breweries, theatre productions and of course, a bit of rodeo too!


Houston, Texas

Top tourist attractions in the USA

America is as diverse as it is large, so finding the best tourist attractions in the USA may sound intimidating. When you don’t have time to fully explore the major cities, there are some key places you simply can’t miss out on! With a little bit of everything in mind, here are your some of the world’s favourite places to visit in America:

  1. Central Park (New York City, New York)

Central Park in New York City has been the backdrop to many romantic comedy movies over the years, but there’s so much more to this well-known location. This 843-acre urban park is ideal for taking in the sites, meeting some of the locals, having a perfect picnic and as the movies suggest, perhaps even meeting your soul mate. This should definitely be a place to visit in America while you’re there.


  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame (Los Angeles, California)

One of the most intriguing things to do in all of Los Angeles is to walk in the footsteps of the best people of showbiz, literally! This strip of the boardwalk is home to almost 2500 imprints of celebrity handprints. By walking and ‘mingling’ with these celebs, you’ll soon be feeling like one yourself!


  1. Millennium Park (Chicago, Illinois)

Easily spotted by the ‘bean’ in the centre of all of the action, Millennium Park in Chicago is sure to amaze! There are beautiful paths through the park itself for visitors to enjoy, and you can easily indulge in a bite to eat from one of Chicago’s fantastic food stalls as you move from one museum to the next. Try some ice-skating during winter (November to February), and in the summer months (June to August), you can dance the days away at free concerts that take place during the season.


  1. South Beach (Miami, Florida)

You cannot visit this tropical paradise of a city and not make a turn at the famous South Beach in Miami! Here you will enjoy the clear blue ocean that’s bordered by the golden beach strip, the sounds of seagulls flying above, shade provided by tall palm trees and so much more. If you’re not too keen on swimming, bring your skateboard, rollerblades or bicycle for a more active view of this ideal location. Make sure to visit the nearby bays such as Lummus Beach Park, Sunny Isles Beach and Crandon Park while you’re there.


  1. NASA Space Centre (Houston, Texas)

‘’Houston, we have a problem’’ – one of the most famous space movie lines in all time! Visiting the NASA Space Centre in Houston will get you up close to Apollo 13, the spacecraft that was originally used for that particular mission to the moon! This space station is a world-famous tourist attraction that has guided tours and is still operational to NASA for research and development. Visitors to the centre will be enthralled by the spaceships, aircraft, astronaut equipment and loads of history that can be found here.


Getting to the USA from Nigeria

Along with your Nigerian international passport you will need to obtain a US visa for your trip to America.

There are two main kinds of USA visas that you could apply for from Nigeria:

  1. USA non-immigration visa
  2. USA immigration visa

For a simple holiday trip to the USA, you should apply for a USA non-immigration visa, called the B-2 Visa. This is valid for all tourist visits, including a visit with friends or family living in America, short educational courses, medical treatments and social group participation activities.

Along with your USA visa application, you will have to pay a non-refundable service fee as well as appear at the US Embassy and Consulate in Abuja or Lagos for your visa application interview.

For details on how to apply for your US visa from Nigeria, have a look at Travelstart’s handy US visa application guide!

Now that you’re ready and set to visit the best places to visit in America, include us in your travel plans and tell us which other tourist attractions in the USA you’d like to visit in the comment section below!


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